Product covers - laser hair removalProduct covers - laser hair removal

Winter Laser Hair Removal IG + Email Campaign Bundle


A done-for-you sales campaign with strategy + templates + more.

Grow your sales with a pre-designed package featuring your Laser Hair Removal treatments, and drive sales through education, engaging and a promotional offer of your choice.



  • includes 2 emails to maximise on online booking/ sales in store & online.
  • 6 stunning ready to use reels), to inspire laser hair removal bookings that save time having to record and create reels yourself.
  • Carousel IG Posts x 2
  • 2 FB Banners to choose from
  • 2 Website Banners to choose from
  • 4 Printable posters for in-store


  • Step-by-step how to guides, so you understand how to run your campaign
  • All the Canva templates and Ready to use reels to edit and/or download as is.
  • Email templates for your whole campaign that you can just customize, keep as is and upload each piece into your email program and set to send.
If you still haven’t signed up to Canva, sign up now!
You have an option to use their free version, but we highly suggest investing in their pro version to be able to use some of the images and videos that we suggest using and you will also have access to lots of their pro elements and features!

Bundle & Save

Any 3 IG + Email Campaign Bundles for Price of 2

Use coupon code BUY2GET3 at the checkout after you have added any 3 of IG + EMAIL CAMPAIGNS  to your cart.


Your salon client database is a direct way to market your salon business, services and promotions. By utilising and sending out strategic email marketing campaigns you can effectively build, maintain and grow your salon business with this very direct form of marketing.

  • Consider how many emails your salon has on their database.
  • Do you have a system to ensure you are collecting all your new clients email address?
  • Do you have a system to collect existing clients emails, SMS and birthdays if you do not have these already in your database?
  • When sending a campaign you need to determine if you will send to all of your database or a select list from your database. This should be determined by the type of campaign whether it is a seasonal or treatment specific campaign.
  • How will you send out the emails? Will you send it through your salon software email program, or will you extract the lists and send through an email program like Mailchimp?



Every campaign has been well thought out strategically, designed with stock imagery and content copy to engage and convert. We have spent time and effort to ensure each campaign is designed with all salon, clinic and spa owners in mind. We know that every business brand has its own unique style, look and feel, so each canva template can be edited to suit your salon business, services, special offers and overall brand.


Do you have existing images or videos in a file or folders that can used in your campaigns? Or do you need to consider taking some fresh images and videos to compliment and personalise your campaigns to really stand out. At times stock images and videos are great, and we have pre selected content that can be used by many salon brands, although at times it is great to be able to personalise covers, banners with your own salon, staff, products and branded images and videos to really stand out and showcase your point of difference.

  • COPY 

We have designed the copy to be useable for most salon, clinics or spas. You can edit, tailor and tweak the copy where you want it to be more specific to your salons brand, services and treatment offering and product ranges.


All images have been used through a CANVA PRO account, by having a CANVA PRO account you are licensed to access, edit, download and use all the templates. The images are there to provide an overall style, although you can edit, change or even use your own images to personalise each campaign.



  • social media posts – ready to use reels, promotional posts and stories, educational carousels
  • posters you can print and display in hot spot areas in the business
  • facebook and website banners
  • Landing Pages and SMS marketing with shortened links


When you purchase any campaign bundle, you will receive a fully comprehensive and detailed booklet that includes:

  • step by step guides on how to personalise and edit your campaigns
  • demonstration videos and guides on how to set up your campaigns to send emails and SMS in various ways
  • stock content images that can be used or changed to your salon branded imagery
  • done for you email copy that is designed to connect, engage and convert. This can be used as is, or personalised further by you.
  • links to all the canva editable template email campaign links, social posts, reels, facebook banners and printable posters to be used in store.
  • Additional strategies, pathways and possibilities to utilise and reuse your campaign over and over again for maximum results in achieving successful marketing results.
  • Email Subject Lines to go with your email campaigns
  • SMS Message Copy with step-by-step guides on how to create QUICK Landing Pages to boost your SMS marketing strategy

You will also be given the further option to reach out to Salon Social Media for assistance in setting up, designing and launching your email campaigns through your salon email software.


You have the option to purchase and run as many IG + Email Campaigns as you like for your salon, clinic or spa. Some businesses choose to run a campaign to introduce a new service to the business, some choose one campaign per month (based on seasonal focuses) some choose a select target audience to up sell higher end treatments (example: basic facial clients can be introduced to higher end skin treatments through a select treatment campaign, or waxing clients can be introduced to laser hair removal treatments through this treatment campaign) You can also utilise any treatment campaign in various ways and even select set and forget options that run automated through your salon software systems.



We suggest all businesses use CANVA PRO ($17.99 AUD *monthly at 14th June 2023) this ensures you can use all the graphics and videos we have supplied in the templates provided and/or choose from their vast selection of images and videos if you wish to personalise any designs further.


  • Set up, save and apply your brand and campaign’s colours, logos and fonts
  • Unlimited access to premium templates and 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, graphics and more.
  • Establish your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors and fonts with up to 100 Brand Kits.

We have done all the hard work in setting up the fine details and their should be minimal changes you need to make, although we have provided stock videos and images with CANVA PRO, therefore we highly suggest to have CANVA PRO to benefit from all the hard work we have done in pre designing all the ready made content for you.


Email Templates will allow you to launch and send emails directly through your email software. This is generally through your salon software program to allow for specific targetting and setting up automated email marketing. Depending on the strategy of each email campaign this will be discussed in detail in each campaign booklet. Examples of email marketing software used by salons are Shortcuts, Phorest, timely and Mailchimp.


This is an additional and optional feature, that has proven to achieve additional results instantly and very effectively. Every campaign that has been created has guided information on how to run additional SMS campaigns to support the email campaign. You will also be provided with step-by-step details on how to create shortened links that lead your SMS to landing pages (that we show you how to set up in less than 30 minutes)  that look exactly like the email campaigns, to further increase engagement and conversions. You can choose to run the campaign to your entire SMS database or further select your target audience through your salon software program.


You can choose to feature your marketing campaign on your website, we provide website banners in campaign bundles to support every campaign that can be used on your home page and link to the promotions page if you also post your offer on this page. You can also add the entire campaign or select pieces of the campaign to a promotions page on your website.


You can post the provided reels, carousels and posts to your social media pages. stories, highlights. PLUS, you can also include the shortened links to landing pages of your promotional offers to your links in BIO’s top direct people to the full details of the offer, if you are choosing to run the campaign externally and beyond your existing database. We also provide facebook banners that can also create awareness and link to you campaign.