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Grab Your Monthly Social Content Strategy Prompts Here.

We get it, sometimes it’s just easier if someone tells you EXACTLY what to do (or rather what to post), and when. 

So we have created monthly posting plans for those who need a bit more structure. 

Your 12 Month Content Strategy Here

We are so glad to have you in the Salon Social Media Content Collab!

Here are your monthly social media post prompts.

TIP – We use to post to Instagram and have it set to automatically also share the same posts onto FB, too.

*you can then add in some live post, real-life,  selfies or IG stories in-between if /when inspiration strikes.  

Pick & Choose what works for you and your biz!

Pssst… don’t forget you need to “Save a copy” to your own G Drive to be able to edit the file! 

👉 REMEMBER:  If any of the posts in a particular week just aren’t doing it for you, don’t worry there are other prompt options you can choose from inside the SSM Content Collab Membership.  

Or, you could freestyle it and add in one of your own. 

Your business, your content, your rules (we just provide the starting point!).  

You can choose to follow this in its entirety or choose bits and pieces from what you want.

  • Marketing Dates and key promotional dates are advised to be scheduled for the dates suggested. 
  • Promotional and Sales Campaigns are suggestions that are used by top salons every year and every month – these are suggestions and you can elect if you want to use or modify these to suit your salon business.
  • Templates and Carousels are suggestions to inspire hair, skin, beauty and spa businesses with their own product and treatment focuses. These can be modified to your liking each month
    • OR We have done specific templates that are content rich that we provide each month (based on what the top salons focus on every year, every month) For example we have completed for seasonal suggestions, such as laser hair removal template series in Winter and Party Season Treatment series in November (for example) 
  • Reel Prompts are also provided throughout the calendar – you can choose to follow these exactly, and/or change them up or do your own. We have also included additional evergreen reel prompts for the Annual Content Collab members – this gives you the opportunity to personalize your monthly socials further with reel prompts. (without having to spend all the time thinking up, what reels can I post?
  • Caption Prompts and Caption Swipe Files are also available to give you a headstart on what to write – we also provide an evergreen series of caption swipe files for Annual Content Collab Members.

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