Digital Marketing Guides

Simple step by step practical guides on ways to understand and manage your salon marketing and social media in easy broken down steps that wont take too long! So you can spend LESS time on coming up with new ideas and doing the hard work & make MORE sales and actually have free time AWAY from your business!

Stay up to date, and learn how to grow your salon step-by-step. 

I believe in providing simple, effective and affordable branding and marketing solutions to purposeful and passionate salon owners and salon businesses of all sizes, so they can be empowered and bring their visions to life.

Digital Marketing Guides

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Getting Started Guides - COMING SOON

Get started on instagram and learn how to have instagram work for your business here, and not the other way around…

In this guide, we show you how to perform a self-audit to take an objective look at whether your Instagram account reflects your brand strategy, connects with your audience, and aligns with your business goals. Your goal in doing an Instagram audit should be to assess what is working and contributing to your growth, and what needs to change.

A brief overview to get you started and understand all the basics.

Our toolkit of programs, apps and websites- all you need to manage your social media like a professional.

A weekly planner and guide to manage your social media ahead of time, related to your seasonal and monthly focuses with content that connects, converts and engages your ideal clients.

Showing up on video is uncomfortable for many people. And I get it. The idea of showing up on video every day was one of the key reasons why I held back on launching all the things I have learnt over the years.  Here is a little bit of inspiration to get you showing up on your social media and sharing your skills.

Branding Guides & Worksheets - COMING SOON

Rebranding or just revamp your brand assets? Don’t miss any possible touch points with our comprehensive guides! 

In this guide, we’re going back to the basics of setting the foundation for your brand strategy, which will help you get clarity around exactly what you do, why you do it, who you’re serving, and how you can help them.

You’ll end up with a solid why statement, get clear on your audience, and analyze your competition.

Craft A Cohesive Salon Brand Across All Your Salon Marketing. Rebranding Or Just Revamping Your Brand Assets? Don’t Miss Any Possible Touch Point With Our Comprehensive Guide!

Stuck on selecting brand colors or just looking for color & image inspiration?

Download this guide for color profiles, hex codes, collection suggestions, and the feelings the colors evoke!

Use the Social Style Workbook to help you hone in on and strengthen your social media presence and maintain a cohesive feed. Be sure to download the Style Guide templates to take what you learned & stay on track.

You’ll end up with a solid why statement, get clear on your audience, and analyze your competition.


Learn how to curate images for your brand. Deep-dive into what makes different types of imagery work for you.

Content Planning & Strategy - COMING SOON

Content Pillars, Planners, Creation & Scheduling…

Create the foundation for your content marketing plan by defining your essential content pillars for your salon biz. We will cover what to post and how to discover a repeatable content strategy that really simplifies your socials while increasing quality content output.

You will end up with a confident plan to posting on your socials!

In this guide, you’ll learn how to map out your customer journey + build and define how you want your content to lead them down the path toward conversion.


In this guide, learn how to take planning and creating content for social media from overwhelming & difficult to streamlined & strategic.

Use this guide & worksheets to help you plan out 3 months of social media in advance. Consider the season, months and mix with your treatment and product focuses for those months.

Content Ideas & Options - COMING SOON

Content Pillars, Planners, Creation & Scheduling…

In this guide, we cover four ways to connect on video on Instagram: Stories, Live Videos, and Reels. We take you through the benefits of creating videos and why it’s a  marketing tool that you can use to build your salon brand online.

This guide contains industry specific content ideas for creating engaging and on-brand Instagram reels, IGTV/Lives, and Stories. Use the tips within the guide as a jumping off point to help you plan out your video content strategy!

In this guide, we cover why and how to incorporate stock content & reels that appeal to your ideal audience on social media to increase your reach, without having to do all the extra filming & save so much time and $ and still put out quality social content.

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Struggling with what kinds of Reels to create? We’ve compiled 10 ideas that you can incorporate into your strategy for engaging and on-brand Reels. Don’t forget to download the Reels templates!


Content Creation - COMING SOON

Cut your content creation time in half with our well thought out strategies and solutions to serve up high quality and engaging social media content, without taking all that time.

Save time and use your hard work in more ways than one. In this guide we go through the many ways in which you can repurpose your content and get it out in various ways. Make the most of your content in many different ways!

Here’s your guide for creating clickable covers on your reels!

Captions to Connect & Convert - COMING SOON

intro about captions and how to do this here

Coming Soon

Here are some caption templates & a Reels script to help you stop the scroll, boost engagement, and connect with your audience.