Elevate Your Salon's Reach with Social Media & Email Marketing Bundles!

Are you a salon owner looking to maximise the power of your email database, rebook existing clients, and increase client spend WITHOUT having to spend long hours creating content or thousands of dollars to hire a marketing agency?

Our bundles are carefully curated to cover all your bases from digital to traditional marketing. Each bundle also includes a comprehensive guide on how to launch, reuse or repurpose them strategically PLUS an SMS campaign strategy!

Complete Solutions: Instagram and Email Campaign Treatment Bundles

All templates are designed to work on growth levers within your business, so we have email campaigns for every gap you have. Simply choose your treatment campaign & start selling! Each bundle includes Email templates, ready-to-use Reels, content-rich Instagram carousel templates, web banners, Facebook covers and printable posters.

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Save Money on Salon Marketing & Bring in More Revenue

Upsell Big Ticket Treatments to your existing clients quickly & easily with these done-for-you email templates. Consider crossing over wax clients to laser, upsell higher end treatments to existing facial clients... the possibilities are endless with these strategic campaigns.

Reactivate clients who haven't been back or have no future bookings within a certain time frame. You can also send regular clients a nice email reminder that it's time to rebook a specific treatment they had. Just set & forget this automation in your salon software program.

Introduce a NEW Treatment quickly and directly with our ready-made treatment email campaign templates & boost with social media posts and reels for your online presence.

Fill in the gaps of your appointment columns last minute with these treatment email campaigns in your back pocket ready to send to book up your staff and appointment calendar.

Introduce a new staff member or book up certain staff members with their speciality treatments (you can limit the offer to certain staff and times)

Use parts of the email campaign in a seasonal / monthly newsletter + IG reels, carousels, posters and social templates to mix into your monthly & seasonal social strategy.... over and over again!

Our IG + Email Template Bundles are perfect for salon owners who:

Boost your revenue NOW! Our cost-effective, easy-to-implement and versatile IG + Email Campaigns are strategically designed so you can easily tailor to your brand.

Choose Your Customizable IG + Email Campaign

Choosing an IG + Email Campaign Bundle from Salon Marketing.Co is a game-changing decision. These bundles are tailored to the beauty industry. They are comprehensive, effective, and expertly crafted marketing solutions that will save you time and effort, boost engagement, and drive tangible results for your salon's growth and success.

Social Posts

Includes Ready-to-Use Reels to help you reach people who aren’t following you & Carousels to educate your audience, bring value to them and position yourself as an authority in the industry

Treatment Copy

Treatment Specific Campaigns already have professionally written copy that details the treatment you want to promote and its benefits.


Email campaign templates to target various segments in your email database. Fully customisable templates created in Canva. You can edit them in Canva


Specifically designed with a minimal and classic look so they can be easily be personalised with your branding & brand style

Web Banners & Posters

You get Facebook covers, website banners to remind your audience who visit these platforms and & printable posters to promote in-store

SMS Marketing

Includes SMS marketing guide if you choose to SMS your campaign, PLUS a clever way to QUICKLY create landing pages that people click via the SMS Campaign!


Content marketing advice from salon marketing experts to help you build your brand and grow your business


Everything you need to help you implement, maximise and repurpose your campaigns PLUS best practices & honest advice.

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Why choose an IG + Email Campaign Bundle

Total All-in-One Solution:

It combines the power of Instagram reels and social media content with personalized email campaigns, covering all aspects of modern salon marketing in one package.

Affordable & Effective:

Salon Marketing Co.’s bundles offer a high return on investment. Compared to hiring a graphic designer or marketing agency, the bundles are a cost-effective solution that delivers real, measurable results.

Effective Email Campaigns:

The email templates are optimized for conversions and bookings. They are tailored to address your clients’ needs and preferences, encouraging them to take action and book appointments.

High Returns on Your Marketing Efforts:

The email campaign templates and social media insights provide valuable data on the performance of your marketing efforts. You can track open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to measure the success of your campaigns.

Expertly Crafted Strategies:

The marketing strategies behind the bundles are crafted by industry experts with a deep understanding of salon marketing. You can trust that these strategies are based on proven methods and best practices.

Tailored for salons:

These bundles are specifically designed for the beauty industry, ensuring that every template, reel, and email campaign is perfectly suited to promote your salon’s unique services and treatments.

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Regain control over your business, increase the number of clients walking through the doors, and boost your weekly takings. These flexible and easy-to-use templates provided by Salon Marketing Co. allow you to run multiple promotions as needed, targeting different segments of your client base. The professional and enticing campaigns will drive people back into your salon & relieve you of the constant pressure to innovate and drive the business forward.

Not Sure Which Template is Right for You?

Discover the best way to start

We know it can be overwhelming… choosing the right campaign and where to start, sorting through the options, and trying to determine if Salon Marketing Co templates are the right fit for you. If you are not sure what is best for you, click here to ask.