Start Sending Email Campaigns in Little to No Time...That Actually Make $

Simple, smart (& most importantly) strategic email marketing solutions – designed to nurture your client database & sell your services. We did the hard work for you!

Are you a salon owner looking to maximise the power of your email database, rebook existing clients, and increase client spend? Look no further. You can choose to trial one treatment campaign or run multiple campaigns simultaneously, depending on what suits your salon’s needs best.

Sell with confidence with strategic email campaigns that also include step-by-step guides to launch in very little time. 

Email Campaigns tried and tested by top salon owners to increase sales to up to 100%!

Our tried and tested Email Campaigns are able to nurture new and existing clients, sell any treatment or service to your email list, fill your books, and book up specific staff & treatments. PLUS they can be repurposed in multiple ways to get the best value for your investment short-term & long-term.

How to Use Email Campaigns

Using Salon Marketing.Co’s email campaign templates is simple and effective.

  1. Choose the Right Template: Browse through our selection ] templates, then purchase & download the ones that best suit your salon’s goals and align with your current treatment promotions.
  2. Customize the Content: Personalize your templates to reflect your salon’s branding and messaging and your promotions or offers.
  3. Segment Your Audience: Depending on the nature of your email campaigns, consider segmenting your email  and tailor the content of the email to resonate with each segment.
  4. Send a Test Email: Send a test email to yourself or your team members to review the content, imagery & layout, and ensure that all links and images are working correctly.
  5. Schedule Email Delivery: Determine the best time to send out your emails (when your target audience is most likely to check their emails) to maximize open rates and engagement.

Our IG + Email Template Bundles are perfect for salon owners who:

Boost your revenue NOW! Our cost-effective, easy-to-implement and versatile IG + Email Campaigns are strategically designed so you can easily tailor to your brand.

Choose Your Customizable Email Campaign

Salon Marketing.Co's email campaign templates are used to effectively engage existing clients, attract new customers, and drive sales for your salon. Remember to continuously review and refine your email campaigns to optimize their performance and achieve better results.

SMS Marketing

Includes SMS marketing guide if you choose to SMS your campaign, PLUS a clever way to QUICKLY create landing pages that people can click via the SMS Campaign!

Treatment Copy

Treatment-specific Campaigns already have professionally written copy that details the treatment you want to promote and its benefits.


User-friendly and fully customisable templates created in Canva.


Specifically designed with a minimal and classic look so they can be easily be personalised with your branding & brand style


Carefully chosen stock images & videos that elevate your brand and take you away from the old-school, overly-used stock imagery


Well thought out & strategic content for your brand from our professional designers and marketing strategists


Content marketing advice from salon marketing experts to help you build your brand and grow your business


Everything you need to help you implement, maximise and repurpose your campaigns PLUS best practices & honest advice.

PLUS: Expert marketing education you won't find anywhere else.

Great marketing assets are only as good as how you use them. We’ll not only provide the templates, images, email campaigns, & ready-to-use reels, but we’ll also show you how to put them to work.

Benefits of Email Campaign Templates

Retain Existing Clients:

Keeping existing clients coming back is just as important as attracting new ones. This involves providing excellent customer service, offering high-quality treatments, maintaining a pleasant and inviting salon environment and an effective marketing system to always keep your brand top of mind.

Manage Costs:

Imagine not having to hire a graphic designer, copywriter, content creator and salon marketing expert, not to mention the hours you save from not having to start from scratch (time=$!). PLUS, there is no limit in how many times you wish to reuse the campaigns so you will definitely get your money’s worth and much more!

Time Management:

Salon owners often wear many hats, from managing staff and appointments to handling marketing and accounting. Finding the time to manage all these tasks effectively can be a significant challenge, so we are taking marketing off of the things you have to juggle!

Versatile and reusable:

Run the same campaign as many times as you want or break the email campaign up and only use one section at a time. You can also pick out pieces from different campaigns and run several treatment offers in one email / newsletter. You can also choose to send to specific audiences at specific times or or limit it to specific staff members. Keep the templates in your drafts for easy access to instantly send to your database when you want to book up a specific treatment or therapist for the week.

Nurture Your Client database:

It takes work to attract new clients so it is important to keep your current clientele coming for more. With these email campaigns, you can automate emails to remind existing clients to rebook their next treatment, educate them on additional services they have not tried yet, and remind them to book if they haven’t visited in a while.

Make more sales & keep staff busy:

These email templates are perfect for upselling big ticket items to your existing clients, reactivating old clients, introducing new treatments to your database, filling any last minute gaps in your appointment books & Introducing a new therapist with an offer on her specialty.

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Trusted by Top Salon Owners

Regain control over your business, increase the number of clients walking through the doors, and boost your weekly takings. These flexible and easy-to-use templates provided by Salon Marketing.Co allow you to run multiple promotions as needed, targeting different segments of your client base. The professional and enticing campaigns will drive people back into your salon & relieve you of the constant pressure to innovate and drive the business forward.


“Natalie’s system is flexible, easy, and effective. I didn’t need to be a graphic designer or understand Canva. All I had to do was download the image, drag it into shortcuts, and hit send. And let me tell you, her stuff works.” @beautyonrose


“I can always trust Salon Social Media with my branding content and to keep my monthly marketing looking on-brand and set up every month. Natalie and her team just get it, & get it done.”



“Thanks to Salon Social Media, I have been able to stay on top of my marketing every month, without the stress of having to come up with new ideas or monthly focuses myself.”


Not Sure Which Template is Right for You?

Discover the best way to start

We know it can be overwhelming… choosing the right campaign and where to start, sorting through the options, and trying to determine if Salon Marketing Co templates are the right fit for you. If you are not sure what is best for you, click here to ask.