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Welcome to Salon Marketing Co. Your one-stop solution for cost-effective, easy-to-implement marketing strategies & solutions, tailored specifically for the beauty industry. We’re here to help salon owners like you increase sales, enhance brand reputation, and engage both new and existing customers NOW. *No lock-in contracts, no hidden fees, just real results.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

I founded Salon Marketing.Co after recognizing the gap between salons and marketing profitability. 

Salon owners have been coming to me with their struggles; Attracting new clients and engaging existing ones have become more and more difficult, and the financial strain of ineffective marketing strategies is not making it any easier. I knew there had to be a better way.

With my 20+ years total experience of running my own salon business and managing marketing campaigns for top salon owners, I realised that I now have the marketing strategies I wish I had when I was a salon owner myself, two decades ago, and I knew that if I put my heart into it, I can make these solutions accessible to all.

So now, after months of hard work, I have finally packaged these solutions to make them user-friendly and easy to implement, so that salon, skin clinic and spa owners will never have to feel alone and unsupported when it comes to marketing and growing their business.

Welcome to Salon Marketing.Co.


Salon Marketing.Co believes that every salon owner deserves to have a profitable business without the stress and overwhelm of ineffective marketing strategies. We believe in empowering salon owners with cost-effective and easy-to-implement marketing solutions that truly work for their unique needs.

Cut Content Creation Time in Half

Put together your salon marketing campaigns and social media content faster with a catalogue of pre-made social media template series, email marketing campaigns, step-by-step guides, resources and so much more… well thought out by an ex-salon owner and social media content creator who understands seasonal campaigns, the key 12 month marketing focuses. We have done all the foundational work, so all you need to do is personalise the templates and launch.

Better Content = Better Results

We’re #1 in template designs for a reason. Our top salon clients don’t want generic, outdated, poorly designed or overused templates. When your salon brand reputation matters, we’ve got you covered. 

Conversion-driven. Packed with written content or prompts. Designed to attract new clients and rebook existing ones. 

You know all those things you have to do? We did them for you.

Think Beyond the Posts

We’ll provide all the support you need! Access our Digital Marketing Guides, Worksheets and Campaign Planners to help not just with your Instagram posts, but your overall content marketing strategy to grow your business online. We have packaged up Campaign Sales Systems to automate your emails, SMS, in-store promotions and social media so it is working for YOU, rather than you working for it.


Think of us as your salon branding & marketing support team

We’re thrilled to launch the Salon Marketing.Co website, your one-stop-shop providing comprehensive marketing solutions across all channels. With no membership fees or purchase limits, it offers carefully created marketing assets designed to elevate your brand and look professional. These assets are tried and tested to generate sales and bookings, making your salon business thrive like never before.

These have been developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s largest known skin and beauty clinics. We’ve spent hours creating treatment campaigns and marketing assets that any salon owner can work with without the need for a large marketing team or exorbitant costs.

My team worked tirelessly to package these solutions in a way that they can be easily implemented even by a salon owner who can’t hire their own graphic designer and marketing specialist. And of course, WITHOUT the ridiculous price tag.

And since these solutions have been tried-and-tested from single operators to top salon owners, we KNOW this stuff REALLY WORKS!

You’re in the right place!

meet your SALON creative & MARKETING team

The background story of why we created Salon Marketing Co.

I first started my own salon business at the age of 19. With nothing much but my ambition and courage, I registered my business name and set up my treatment rooms in the back of a tanning salon. Charged with the excitement of creating my own sense of freedom and empowerment, I was a one-woman-team hustling, printing flyers and doing letterbox drops to advertise my little business.

Over a 3-year period, I had built up a successful following of loyal clients and I was really running my own little business. This gave me another level of confidence to expand into my own larger premises and REALLY have a BEAUTY SALON. In my 21-year-old mind, I thought this would really say “Hey, she is a successful business person.”

However, over the years, I’ve learned that taking on my own actual premises meant more expenses, hiring & managing staff, doing the accounts and so much more…. I now had staff who needed to be booked up and they needed to be rewarded for their contributions, too.

I had wins: my clients had become loyal to me and kept referring friends. But I also had struggles. I didn’t have the resources or mindset at that age to manage the business as it grew. I eventually decided to sell my business at the age of 31.

I took a year off in Bali to get clarity around what I wanted to do next, then I came back refreshed, and I started Salon Social Media in 2015.

This next chapter ushered in amazing new opportunities. I got to work with top salon business owners, whom I have continued to work with closely to this day, and I have really gotten to know what was working and what was really worth it when it came to marketing spend.

My partnerships with these salon owners have become so successful that they would come to me and ask for more marketing than just socials.

So, while I ran Salon Social Media, I have actually been working quietly in the background providing off-the-menu services to select salons.

To be honest, I was content working on bigger things quietly while keeping Salon Social Media small & manageable. From experience, I know the pain of growing a business hurts.

But with more & more salon owners reaching out with their pains and struggles, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone; I remember my 19-year-old self and, looking back, I wish that I had the 40-year-old that I am today, holding her hand and guiding her through each step to achieve her dreams.

Which brings us to why I have been compelled to create our new Salon Marketing.Co part of the business… At 40, I realise that I no longer have the “unafraid and courageously ambitious” qualities of a 19-year-old, but I have felt compelled to do this for a reason I am understanding greater now, in this story I am writing…

So salon owners no longer have to feel alone and hopeless liked I did more than a decade ago. 

I‘ve decided to STOP GATEKEEPING and finally make my developed strategies accessible to EVERYONE; Lessons I’ve learned in the 20 years total of owning a salon and managing total marketing for top salons.

If you’re not sure which SALON MARKETING CO solution will fit your business, click here to ask.

– Natalie Roberts, @salonsocialmedia 


Trusted by Top Salon Owners

We have worked with top salons & salon owners to make their marketing efforts a proven profitable asset for their business. Salon owners can  experience less stress, regain their confidence, and feel more supported when it comes to marketing their salon business.


“Natalie’s system is flexible, easy, and effective. I didn’t need to be a graphic designer or understand Canva. All I had to do was download the image, drag it into shortcuts, and hit send. And let me tell you, her stuff works.” @beautyonrose


“I can always trust Salon Social Media with my branding content and to keep my monthly marketing looking on-brand and set up every month. Natalie and her team just get it, & get it done.”



“Thanks to Salon Social Media, I have been able to stay on top of my marketing every month, without the stress of having to come up with new ideas or monthly focuses myself.”


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customizable IG + email campaigns, ready-to-use reels and salon marketing templates.

Tried & Tested Marketing Systems that REALLY work!

Common Salon Owner Challenges:

Attracting New Clients:

One of the biggest challenges for salon owners is attracting new clients to grow their business. This often involves effective marketing and advertising, which can be difficult without the right skills or resources.

Retaining Existing Clients:

Keeping existing clients coming back is just as important as attracting new ones. This involves providing excellent customer service, offering high-quality treatments, maintaining a pleasant and inviting salon environment, and of course an automated marketing system that will nurture them and keep reminding them why they should rebook.

Managing Costs:

Salons have many costs to manage, from rent and utilities to product inventory, staff wages and marketing. Balancing these costs while maintaining profitability can be a significant challenge.

Staying Up-to-Date with trends:

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, products, and techniques emerging regularly. Salon owners need to stay up-to-date to meet their clients’ expectations and stay competitive. On top of this, online marketing is moving at lightning speed, as well and salon owners often find themselves barely keeping their head above water keeping up with social media trends.

Staff Training & Retention:

Finding, training, and retaining skilled staff is another common challenge. This involves not only offering competitive wages and benefits but also providing a positive work environment and opportunities for professional development. Keeping your marketing efforts effective and profitable will also help in providing your staff a stable and rewarding career.

Time Management:

Salon owners often wear many hats, from managing staff and appointments to handling marketing and accounting. Finding the time to manage all these tasks effectively can be a significant challenge, and sometimes balls are dropped in the process.

Adapting to Changes in the Market:

The market for salon services can be influenced by many factors, from economic conditions to changing consumer preferences. Salon owners need to be able to adapt to these changes to stay successful.

Online Presence & Digital Marketing:

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial. This includes having a professional website and active social media profiles. Digital marketing, including SEO and online advertising, can also be a challenge for salon owners.

Burn Out:

The stress that comes with running a salon business can be overwhelming. Salon owners have so many responsibilities and the struggles and pressure can be damaging to the salon owners overall health & confidence.